Terms and Conditions

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Terms and conditions apply*

1. The Customer shall conduct Foreign Exchange Contract Transaction only at its own responsibility and based on Customer’s own calculations.

2. If any Investor opens his account with trading hub and gets the 200% of his investment at any point of time during his investment period then he is requested to pay the principal amount of his investment back to the trading hub.

3. Trading Hub shall not be liable in any way for any inaccuracy, error, or delay or omission of any information content; or for any loss or damage, delay, or omission; or for any force majeure (including communications failure, power failure, or equipment or software malfunction) or any other cause beyond reasonable control.

4. The user must use the website only for lawful purposes and in a manner which does not breach the rights of, or restrict or inhibit the use of the website by any third party.

5. If there are changes in any Foreign Exchange Contract or any related foreign exchange transaction or exchange rate information, etc., the Bank may correct or withdraw such information already provided under the Services. In such case, notice of correction or withdrawal shall not be made.

**Withdrawal cant be done untill KYC will not be completed.